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You Will Fall In Love!😍

February Exclusives Are Here... Love is officially in the air. Today I'm gonna share the love of food with you. Also, the love of these products. I love that we have new products each and every month, on top of our regular catalog products. Although, there were a few I missed out on, but I… Continue reading You Will Fall In Love!😍

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More October Goodies!

Exclusives There is just so much going on over here at Do You Bake? They say it's one of the busiest times of the year. I guess so, with all these goodies and exclusives. Each month there's a special hostess gift for parties. When an ambassador has a party, at the request of the hostess,… Continue reading More October Goodies!


Halloween Treats!

Exclusive Edition It's almost time for the kiddos to get all sugared up on lots of candy, and dress up as whoever their little hearts desire to be. And some adults still dress up too. It's that one day that you can be whatever, or whoever you want. So! I want to introduce some of… Continue reading Halloween Treats!