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Have you heard of Wix?

Wow! I’m actually not writing about food today. I wanted to ask you, if you have heard of Wix.com? I was browsing on Facebook the other day, and came across Wix. I am pretty glad I clicked on the link for more info. Wix allows you to create your own website. Much like WordPress, you can start out with a free account with some limits, and then you can upgrade later to get your own domain, and more features. So just like a free WordPress account has WordPress in your domain name, Wix is in your website name, until you upgrade your account.

The process

First you have to sign up, and make an account with them. Then they ask a few questions on what your site will be about. Then you pick a name, and what kind of site you want to make. I saw lots of options. I obviously went with a blog page, but you could make a website for a portfolio, for an online store, a fashion site, graphic designer, musician, photograghy, etc. It will then give you the option to let Wix create a website for you, based off of the questions they asked, or give you the option to do it all yourself. They also have free Wix photos to start you with, and then later, you can upload your own. Same with the page designs.

The features

I already told you about photos, and page designs. They start you out with a basic layout of your choosing, and you can edit it how you want. Mine had a basic lifestyle blog menu with headings like Home; About; Lifestyle; Family; Food; and Blog. Those can be edited if you choose. You can also hide them until you finish working on that section of your site. You can link all your social media accounts to each social icon. There’s so much you can add to your pages that I won’t have time to list them all here. You can add videos, music playlists, and a lot of stuff is built in with your website. You can set up an email marketing option. They will help you create a welcome email, a newsletter, and keep a list of your subscribers. There’s a lot on the free version, so I can only imagine the paid premium version.

white and blue cardboard box
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

The App Market

I was impressed with the app market. There’s a lot of tools you can use for your website, and a lot of them are actually free. I will tell you about a few of them. There’s Wix Chat that can be added to your site to chat with your followers. There’s some known one’s that you can add, like Instagram to show your photos, Paypal to accept payments, Etsy, Tumblr, Blogger, Google Adsense, Pinterest, LinkedIn for cards, all can be connected to your website. They also have a Wix Art Store to sell digital prints and art, Videos & Revenue, obviously to monetize videos on your site, they have a paid plans app you can use for goods, content, and services. Make it a subscription plan for those who visit your site. They even have an Amazon app, which is basically affiliate marketing that you can use.

Are you thinking of starting your own website?

I would say if you want to make your own website, this is a good place to start. It’s easy to use. Gives you a walk through on how to get it up and running. There’s lots to choose from on the free website, and from the app market. And they have a lot of tools you can use, which are also easy to use. It took me awhile since I chose to do everything myself, but mine is up and running, and it’s now live. If you want to check out my page on Wix, here is the link…. https://lilbreezaay.wixsite.com/breezyblogs .

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