Don’t You Love Fall?

My favorite season!

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors of autumn. The colors are bright, and pretty. The different colors are great for projects, decorating, or just admiring. It’s the season for hoodies, and sweats. Seems to be a good season for drinking hot tea too. The weather is just right, not too hot, and not too cold yet. Then there’s the coming holidays. Halloween, the day you can be whatever you want. Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday, a day to give thanks for those things we always take for granted. I love fall!

Fall decorating

Something about all those pretty colors makes me want to decorate. Now I don’t particularly hang turkey’s around the house, but I like to use the fall colors. Maybe throw some glittery gold in there somewhere. Last year, most of my decorating items came from the Dollar Store. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like that store. In my kitchen I had a big round pumpkin candle with a gold candle sleeve with leaf cutouts. Those I actually got from Avon. My centerpiece for my dinning room table, I decided to make myself.

My Centerpiece

I got different colored table runners. Two were a off white, and the other was like a pumpkin orange. Orange in the middle, the two off whites kind of overlapping the outsides of the orange one, so it looked like one table runner. I had a glass vase that has “create” etched on the side. I bought foam shaped leaves from the Dollar Store. They were different colors, and some had glitter on them. I filled the bottom of the vase with them, and put faux white and glittery gold flowers in it. I also bought a roll of ribbon from the Dollar Store. They had pretty fall colored glittery ribbon. I cut a piece just to fit around the top of the vase, and tied it. There you go….a centerpiece!


I’m gonna tell you a secret. Shhh!

Sometimes, fall is the season that brings on the colds and coughs from the weather changing. We just started having some cooler days here in Baltimore, and I have officially caught my first cold already. I almost forgot what it felt like since it has been so hot lately, but I want to share a secret with you to help with that cold and cough. I like to drink herbal teas, and somehow the right teas, or the right ingredients can help you feel better. These days they have a tea for everything.

O.K. the secret part

When you find yourself with a cough and/or cold, pick out a tea that you like. Doesn’t matter if you want to use regular tea, green tea, or a special herbal kind. Whatever you think will make you feel better. I highly recommend using honey in your tea. It has anti-oxidants, and also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Now the secret! Get your favorite cough drops, and drop one in your tea. Try to make the tea a little hotter than usual because the cough drop takes a few minutes to melt. I like to keep stirring mine. If you get impatient, it’s okay. Give it at least half way through and drink away.

Cough Drop Tea

Tea also is supposed to have healing properties, depending on the kind of tea. Honey is much better than sugar, and will naturally sweeten your tea. The cough drop melted in the tea just makes you feel better. It gives the tea a good taste mixed with the honey. I always liked the lemon or a menthol cough drop in my tea. You are drinking it, while the tea is nice and hot. It helps soothe a sore throat, or ease a cough. The lemon and menthol drops also seem to feel good breathing it in through the steam from the tea. I always compared it to like a liquid Vick’s treatment. And nothing wrong with drinking it after a Vick’s rub as well.

fall 2

When you fall, let God pick you back up.

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