Do You Wear Jewelry?

Do you wear Jewelry?

Do you wear jewelry? Do you like accessories? Scarves perhaps? Have you heard of Jewelry Meet with Bri? It’s a Facebook group I set up dedicated to my jewelry business. Sedalia Designs is a direct sales company that I signed up for. They sell handmade jewelry. We are actually the ONLY wholesale direct sales company out there. And we have some really good prices too. They also have a scarves program, that from any purchase made a percentage is donated to charity. That way you can feel good about those purchases because you know it’s going to a good cause. So even though I mostly blog about food and Baking Crave with Brianna, I actually have 2 other business’ that I’m in, and this is one of them. Therefore, today I’m going to introduce you to it, and tell you all about my business.

First, I want to let you in on a limited time deal we have going on until 6/30. Until 6/30, the company is giving away 20 FREE pairs of earrings a day. You only pay shipping, so in order to get them, you have to add to cart, and complete the checkout process in order to claim them. Here is my link if you want to check them out. Today’s earrings are pictured below.

free earrings of a bow an arrow design
Today only!

Don’t want to run a jewelry business?

If you don’t want to run a jewelry business, than ask me about our Personal Shopper program. With this program, if you just want to shop, you can still send referrals to family and friends, which will earn you a percentage off your order. Then, they can refer family and friends, that will get them a personal discount and also makes your discount much bigger. That way you don’t need business supplies, or have to run a business. You just earn extra off your shopping items just to refer. I believe we are also the first direct sales company to offer a program like this.

2 cards with info on personal shopper program
This graphic also shows what countries we ship to.

Want to join?

When I signed up for this company it was free to join, but some changes have been made since then. The cost of $19.99 is still a low cost to sign up as an ambassador compared to other direct sales companies that require much more. At that price, there was talk of newer members that sign up getting a card with sign up, plus you get a free website, training, and access to our many training groups, sale groups, and much more on Facebook. There is also kit options available, but not required, to get a nice pack of jewelry to have on hand for a low price. You can also purchase wholesale, and resell those items at your own price. Pictured below is one of our collections. Interested? Sign up here.

a blue scarf with matching blue jewelry pieces

Bridal Designs

Yes! We even have bridal design jewelry that can be completely customizable. You would set this up with your consultant ahead of time for a phone consultation. The pieces I have seen are gorgeous. It’s all hand made to your liking. Some using pearls, or swarovski crystals. Each bridal piece looks elegant, and are at a great price. Below is a picture of a gorgeous handmade Custom Chandelier Necklace with Earrings.

a bridal designed necklace and earrings

Jewelry Break You Out?

Does jewelry break you out? Are you allergic to certain metals? Then this is the right jewelry for you because all our handmade jewelry is lead free, nickel free, has surgical steel earwires and posts, and is all hypoallergenic. So if you normally can’t wear certain jewelry due to allergic reaction, I promise that you can wear our jewelry. There’s no worries there. If you don’t wear jewelry at all, we also have scarves, brooches, and bookmarks as well. More of our scarves pictured below.

4 different scarves

Stunning Pieces

We have lots of stunning pieces, along with pet themes, NFL themed jewelry, animal pieces, and so much more. You should really just look through my site since there’s too much to talk about as far as what we have. I will leave you a few more photos below of some of our more popular pieces, or sets. Feel free to just search my site, or ask about our programs or the sign up process.

collage of pet themed jewelry
Some of our pet themed jewelry


collage of leatherette earrings
Some of our stunning leatherette earrings


collage of under the sea themed jewelry
Here’s some under the sea themed pieces


collage of wooden bracelets
Some of our wooden bracelets


collage of breast cancer jewelry
And here are some Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry pieces
Stunning people with accessories -Jewelry Meet with Bri

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