Is the Corona Virus being hyped up?

The Corona Virus

I think at this point, everyone has heard about the Corona Virus, a.k.a COVID-19. There is so much buzz going around on social media right now concerning this global pandemic, as WHO ( the world health organization ) described it. Some people are going into mass hysteria, clearing out grocery stores, and the toilet paper isles. Others are extremely calm about the whole situation saying that this is no different than the viruses that have went around before in previous years, and that this is no big deal. So what do you think?

map showing cases of coronavirus
Map of U.S. cases

Virus Is Spreading

The map above is provided by ABC news, showing the reported cases in the U.S.A. From personal experience, I’m from Baltimore, M.D., and it is currently also reported here. Since affecting my city, public schools and colleges have shut down. Lots of people have already begun stocking up on supplies from the stores. Yesterday, our governor ordered all casinos and restaurants to be shut down. Some stores have shut down on their own. In public, you will usually see someone wearing a medical mask. And when you do go into a store that is not shut down already, the shelves are mostly empty, and you just can’t find things like toilet paper, paper towels, and wipes. It’s just now getting hard to find things like bottled water, and gallons of milk at these stores. Do you think that these things are only going to get worse in the future?

an empty shelf in a store
The toilet paper isle at my local Dollar General store.

Baltimore County

I reposted a post on Facebook earlier today from Baltimore County Breaking News. It read that as of today there are 57 confirmed cases in Maryland now. That’s a 54% increase just from yesterday. That means it’s spreading pretty rapidly. The post also reported that the primary election is postponed. The MDTA was ordered to close all customer service centers, so all tolls will now be cashless. MARC train services will be reduced by 50%. Including light rail, buses, metro and commuter buses starting tomorrow. All VEIP locations will cease operations, and will now be used as drive thru Coronavirus testing sites.  And last, but not least, MVA hours are reduced, and all non-commercial driver’s license tests are currently suspended. Can it get any crazier?

an empty shelf with a few paper towel rolls.
The paper towels isle was just about wiped out.

What are the symptoms?

Now before it was actually reported in the U.S., I was watching a few news clips about the virus on YoutubeTV. Multiple health professionals from multiple of those news clips claimed that there are people who have had no symptoms at all. And then of course some people will actually have some symptoms, hinting that they may have come into contact with the virus. So here are a few symptoms to watch out for….

  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • fever
  • pneumonia
  • difficulty breathing ( in severe cases )

If you experience any of these symptoms, it may be time to get tested for this virus.

empty shelves with a few bottles of laundry detergent
Even the laundry detergent isle was almost empty.
Coronavirus Cases

Well, we already know that this virus has spread all over the world, and our local news stations keep us updated on local cases, but what about on a world scale? According to worldometers there’s been 198,012 cases reported from all over the world. Out of those cases there was a reported 7,961 deaths. And 81,727 people have actually recovered from the virus. You should also check out this article from Medical News Today. In this article, they bust down the myths about the coronavirus. Take a look at #5 in that article. Myth #5 is everyone with COVID-19 dies. And they bust that myth by reporting that the virus is only fatal to a small percentage of people.

Over hyped?

I think it’s possible that this thing is a little over hyped. I think everyone can take a breath since most actually recover from the coronavirus, and very few are at risk of it being fatal. The only thing that I suggest is if the area you live in is planning on going on quarantine….then you might want to stock up on a few things just to get through the quarantine period. BreezyBlogs tries to provide helpful information to the readers.

Oh...and Happy St.Patrick's Day!

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