Good-bye Summer…Hello Fall!

Good-bye Summer…Hello Fall!

Are you ready for summer to end? Are you ready for fall weather? I know that I will not be sad to see those cicada killers go bye-bye’s. I honestly won’t miss the wasps either. Lol! With the season changing, I’m sure you know in the direct sales world, that means new catalogs and new products. And even though I would love to talk about the whole Do You Bake catalog, there won’t be enough room in just this one post. So, I’m going to show you some of the things I ordered recently. If I could have, I might have ordered everything, but I had to remind myself that I have all fall and winter to try things. Haha! See the new catalog cover below.

catalog cover with cauliflower soup and cinnamon rolls

Fall Meals

I ended up ordering some easy weeknight meals with the kids being back in school now. Dinner time gets shorter around this time of year with school, homework, and early bedtimes. So, I either have to cook extra early, or find easy and quick meals. Get ready to see some awesome easy fall inspired meals. First, I ordered our Lemon Butter Garlic Chicken over Orzo. This is a one skillet time saver for weeknights. And you can pair it with any side veggies you like.

bowl of chicken and orzo rice

Weeknight Winner

Our Crispy Chicken Ranch Wraps is another weeknight winner. This healthy chicken ranch wrap is ready in under 15 minutes. Wow! You can eat them warm, or cool. And these would be great for lunch, if any are leftover. Throw one in the kids lunchbox to give them a break from the traditional lunchbox sandwich.

a ranch chicken wrap


You have to see our Crispy Pork Chops with Potato Wedges & Lemon Garlic Green Beans! It sounds time consuming, but it’s started in a pan, and finished in the oven. So, it’s easier than you think. On top of that, the sound of it makes your mouth water. Perfect fall meal! It’s also healthy, and takes less than 30 minutes.

bowl of pork chops with a side of potatoes and green beans

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Did you know that sheet pan dinners are becoming a thing?! Well they are, and it’s because everything can be thrown on one pan and cook all at once. Part of the easy dinners trend. So, I had to order this Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken & Veggies. Use one pan to oven roast your chicken, while the veggies cook in the juice from the meat. I can’t wait to try this.

a pan of chicken and veggies

Taco Tuesday’s

I love taco’s! My kids do too, and helped me pick out these Caribbean Chicken Taco’s. And our kit is only $6. And for that low price, you get our jerk seasoning pinch pack, our sweet pineapple salsa starter, a recipe card with shopping list, and a freezer meal prep plan cost breakdown. I will share more fall stuff in a future post, but I would love to hear what fall inspired food you can’t wait to make this fall in the comments.

chicken tacos on a plate

Weeknight dinners don't have to take forever. -BreezyBlogs

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