Cool By The Pool!

Linen World Party

I’m currently doing my next online event. I’m hosting a Linen World party online. I’m offering a free product drawing style to those who play along. Name something that you want to accomplish before this summer is over. I can’t wait for the bugs to go away for the rest of the year. Lol! This summer we have seen plenty of cicadas, and cicada killers. The cicada killers look like giant wasps, and are pretty scary looking. I have been calling them alien wasps….haha. Until I found out what they actually were. I want them to go bye-bye’s.

Cool By The Pool

You are invited to my cool by the pool event. I will leave the link below. Come join us to learn more about our products. We have something for everyone…..household, organization, linens, and even automotive. You don’t need to bring anything, just your presence is needed. Today is the second day, and it runs for 3 more days. Here is your official invite. Come play along, and maybe win something free.

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Click the link above to RSVP today. Then check in on the post with the sign in photo. Then invite your friends and family to begin your entries into my drawing to win a free Linen World product from me. And don’t forget to share the event. The more the merrier!

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