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Another One!

Yes, I have another one to tell you about. I am with a third direct sales company, and I promise this is the last one. Haha! To be quite honest, when I signed up for each company, my goal was to see which one I could have the best business with. Which one would I be most successful at? And after signing up for them, I fell in love with all 3 companies. So, technically I’m running 4 businesses if you include my blog too. And I have been hearing some things, and I want your opinion on it.

Have you ever met or heard of someone running multiple businesses? I know I have. Celebrities do it. They aren’t just singing, or just acting, or even just selling whatever merchandise they have. I also have quite a few direct sales friends on Facebook who also are with more than one company. And some are pretty successful at it.

Here’s what I have been hearing lately. I have been hearing the words “you can’t” a lot in the direct sales community. To be more specific, I have been hearing you can’t sell for more than one company at a time, or you will struggle in being successful because you will overload yourself. My question to you is, do you think they are right? I’m asking because it was the direct sales community, and I’m not aiming at a particular company either, I mean in communities that are involved with direct sales, and not necessarily with just one company, but it was the direct sales company who taught me to dream that big dream. Believe in yourself that you can do it, even if people say you can’t or you feel like you can’t do it.

What do you think? Do you think one you should drop all but one business, or should they dream bigger than just one business? I would really like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Brianna’s World

Now, onto that other business. I am a Linen World consultant, which is how I came up with the business name Brianna’s World. We sell household items and linens. We are always running specials of some sort. There’s linens for your bed, curtains to match, kitchen items, laundry room items, organizational items, and more. Check out my site here. Click on the shop now tab to browse items.

Current Deals

Currently, we have a deal that ends after this weekend. Get a bonus blanket for $5 with any purchase. We also have a sheety deal. Just $10 for a soft set of sheets with a $35 purchase. Use code SHEETY at checkout to update price in cart. We also have a clearance section going right now, plus a under $5 sale. There’s more deals, if you take a look around. You can find my group on Facebook here.

4 different blankets
$5 blanket deal ending soon


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