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Patriotic Food

Patriotic Food

I want to tell you about the other new products that we have from the 3 week flyer that I started in the last post. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my last post. I also want to show you guys some of the stuff I made, so you can see how good this stuff really is. I’m officially addicted. That’s why I get so hyped when new stuff comes out, and am always hyped to tell everyone about it. Besides the meal kits that I show you guys, we also have regular seasonings that are packed with flavor. My first favorite seasoning is the oh la la garlic bread. Obviously, it’s meant for garlic bread, but our products are versatile. So before we get into the new products, let me tell you what I did for dinner last night. I used some melted butter, and our oh la la garlic bread seasoning to make a garlic butter. I was roasting corn on the cob in the oven, so before throwing it in, I basted it in my garlic butter. Oh, it was so good.

corn on the cob wrapped in foil
garlic butter corn on the cob

Back to the patriotic food!

Now I am going to get into the products, but don’t worry I will show you more later. First up is our Shredded Beer Braised Beef Poutine. I honestly have never tried it. It’s a Canadian thing, maybe that’s why. Lol! This mix is keto friendly, so you can just switch out regular fries for keto fries. Poutine fries….oh my! Includes the gravy mix, and slow cooker braised beef mix.

bowl of poutine fries with shredded beer braised beef

A Canadian Tradition

The Dutchie Doughnut is a Canadian tradition. Tim Hortons donut house is what made it so popular. July 1st is Canada Day, which is why we are celebrating that with the American 4th of July. This is a sweet, fried doughnut with a raisin filling, and a vanilla caramel glaze. My sweet tooth is calling!

doughnuts with glaze

A Canadian treat

Beavertails are another Canadian treat. Originating in Ontario, these treats are shaped like a beavers tail, thus giving it it’s name. These are basically a light fried dough, with toppings such as, the traditional cinnamon sugar, maple sugar, or melted chocolate. In this kit, you get the Beavertails mix, plus all 3 toppings.

beavertails on a slab of wood

A Canadian classic

Butter Tarts are a classic in Canada. These are not the same kind of butter tarts that you could just pick up from the store. These have a delicious flaky crust, and a gooey raisin filled center. This is one of those grandma recipes, and we all know the best recipes come from grandmas. Lol!

butter tarts on a rack
grandmas butter tarts
Are you a pizza lover?

Okay, let me show you one more product that I made. If you love pizza, then this is a must try…..Baked Pizza Pizzaz Dip. Check out my photos of the process below.

a box of baked pizza pizzaz dip
Baked Pizza Pizzaz Dip
a bag of pizza dip mix
The dip mix
a block of cream cheese in a bowl
a block of softened cream cheese
a bowl with cream cheese and pizza dip mix
Add the mix to the bowl of cream cheese
a bowl of pizza dip mix
Mix it up
baking pan of pizza dip mix
add to a small baking pan
pan of pizza dip with cheese
Add a layer of cheese, then a layer of sauce, and the another layer of cheese.
pizza dip fresh out of oven
Bake it, and wah-laa!
Pizza Dip makes my kitchen smell good. Lol! -BakingCravewithBrianna


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