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4th of July & Canada Day

Special 4th of July & Canada Day Flyer

I told my readers that I would be back to share some special products with you. We are going to look at the new special products, but first I thought it would be cool to tell you guys why I chose the name for BreezyBlogs. If you are new at blogging, I encourage you to choose a name for your blog that has something personal related. So that your title is really you! I’m sure you know that Breezy was something everyone called Chris Brown. I promise you I didn’t steal his name. In my opinion, he stole mine. Haha! No, but seriously though, mine has a little more of a personal story to it. Lol! I’m sure many rappers like to use the name Breezy as an abbreviation for something, but mine simply came from my name. No stealing over here. Lol!

So, obviously my name is Brianna. As an abbreviation, a lot of people just call me Bri, but my grandmother always called me Breezer. I think maybe a lot of friends growing up heard her call me that, plus I was always a petite person, so I also was called little, or lil’, shorty, and midget. Haha! Before I knew it, everyone started calling me Breezy, or Lil’ Breezy. I swear I’m not a rapper. Lol! That is not meant to be some kind of rap name, although I do listen to all sorts of music, including old school rap. Don’t care much for the new age rap though. Also, like I mentioned before, I love to write. I write like everything, including my poetry, so I can rhyme. I just don’t rhyme in rap form. Just like my blog here, so when I was thinking of a blog name Breezy, which is my nickname, and Blogs, since I blog now, just had a nice ring to it to me. BreezyBlogs, as in I, Breezy, Blogs now. So, there you have it. In my opinion, it didn’t really take much thought, but it is absolutely me, and my own title, and brand.

Now, we can move on to the special products. I am calling it special because this flyer is a special 3 week flyer. It’s only available through July 14th. The products feature both Canada Day special items, and 4th of July special items. Okay, on to the goodies now that you have heard my life story in one title. Lol!

4th of July Patriotic Fudge

4th of July red, white, and blue fudge

This colorful fudge can be found in traditional style, or in keto style. For the traditional version it’s vanilla and caramel fudge that can be tinted red, and blue. You could even try it as a tie dye pattern. It’s gluten free, and also it’s a no bake fudge. Wow! Includes the fudge mix, and mix in colors. The keto version is the same, but ingredients are different. It’s still a no bake, gluten free option.

4th of July Whoopie Pies

4th of July red, white, and blue whoopie pies

Our Patriotic Whoopie Pies can also be purchased in traditional, or keto. These whoopie pies are filled with a delicious vanilla creme. It includes the color tints, whoopie pie mix, and filling mix. Decorate them however you like. You could add patriotic sprinkles, or use a patriotic toothpick insert. The keto version is also the same, but with different ingredients that makes it keto. You can check out the ingredients for yourself if you click on the link above.

Just like the famous restaurant chain

2 all american bistro burgers
Just like the famous restaurant chain

Next, we have the All American Bistro Burger Rub. God, do those look good! You can make the best burgers right from home. Packed with American burger flavor. It comes in a scoopable jar with enough to make 36-40 burgers. But this item is limited to one per order. Hence how good they must be.

The Classic Dessert

classic strawberry shortcake

How about this Classic Strawberry Shortcake dessert sale? We actually just had this a few weeks ago as a special. We also had different variations of it. Like the classic shortcake, both regular and keto, plus we had a cheesecake version, both in regular and keto as well. I’m assuming that the classic must have been a best seller because now it’s back. Shortcake crumbs, with fresh berries, and that delicious whipped topping. This item is another limit one per order.

But there’s more….

I still have a few more items to show you in the next post, but if you absolutely can’t wait…. feel free to follow my business page on Facebook. I will be posting about the new items for the next few days. I also offer deals on there sometimes, so follow along to see more about the products, and to get a chance in on some deals from time to time. I also post tips, and recipes sometimes too.

Keep pursuing your dreams. -BreezyBlogs

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