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Are you a health fanatic? Watching those carbs? Maybe you’re trying to shed just a few pounds from all that holiday food, or maybe you decided to change your eating habits. We launched a Wellness Event in the beginning of January. Every Monday, one or more products are released. All products are available for purchase until March 31st, 2019. So I’m going to introduce you to the products that have been released thus far.

Energy & Protein Bites ( Pictured Above )

These Energy & Protein bites come with 3 different flavors. There’s Maca Chocolate Truffle, which are keto, gluten free, and sugar free. Made with Maca root powder. Next, we have Matcha bites, which are also keto, gluten free, and sugar free. Matcha is a natural energy booster. Then, we have Red Velvet Bliss, which are gluten free, and low sugar. These are made with Camu powder, and also has beetroot, and dragonfruit. They are a no-bake treat, and only 30-40 calories each. Each mix makes 24-36 bite sized treats.

Zero Sodium Blends

We have 4 varieties of our Zero Sodium Blends. These are salt free blends, but they do have flavor. Here is a nice list of dietary needs for these blends, no salt; no sugar; no MSG; no preservatives; no fillers; gluten free; sugar free; vegetarian; and vegan. We believe that food can be just as tasty without all the sodium. Each comes in a spice shaker bottle. And the flavors are as follows, Blackened Chicken; Oven and Grill Blend; Taco Knight; and Stir Frying Blend. These blends have 0mg per serving. Yes, I said 0mg!


Black Bean Protein Brownies

These brownies are packed with Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is known as the stress killer, and anxiety buster. It’s an adaptogen that helps lower our response to stress. And you couldn’t guess there were black beans in this brownie bar. They are fudgy, and chocolaty. You could even add nuts on top if you like.


Tumeric AM Tonic

This almost latte tonic is made with tumeric, and other superfoods, and can stave off illness, and boost immunity. They say it’s like a cross between white chocolate chai, and pumpkin spice latte. Oh my! It doesn’t taste like a medicinal drink either. Plus, it’s sugar free, keto friendly, and also gluten free. Comes in a scoopable jar. Just add milk, or a milk substitute, like a plant based milk.


Keto Detox Tea

This tea is like no other. This detoxifying tea is a combination of green tea with herbs, flowers, and berries. Our premium tea has many benefits. This is a super anti-oxidant blend with a super food boost. This tea helps reduce inflammation, helps with digestion, and manages your energy, but without the highs and lows. It also helps with our adrenal function, and lowers stress.


And Today’s Release

A Matcha Granola Cereal Blend that has over 7 grams of fiber, and 8 grams of protein in each bowl. It already has almonds, cashews, and berries. No need to top it. This blend includes matcha bites with white chocolate, matcha tea, moringa powder, and macaroot. Helps with brain fog, digestion, and stress. It’s packaged in a 2 lb. pouch with a zipper for resealing.


You are what you eat.

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