V-Day is approaching!

Valentine’s  Day is the next holiday

Do you have a valentine? Thinking of asking someone? Aww, that’s cute! Since V-Day is the next coming holiday, I want to introduce to you our 3 week Food is Love event. Yes, we are celebrating the love of food. If you don’t have a valentine, celebrate the love of food, or even chocolates. Maybe you love wine. Whatever it is, celebrate the love of it. Especially, if you don’t think you will have a valentine this year. Love can cover many things, not just a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Whatever, or whoever it is, you have one day to appreciate it. And of course, love it, since it’s the day for love after all.

Our Love Affair

Our love affair with food just kicked off on January 21st, and will be available until February 10th, so you have until then to snag these products. How about breakfast in bed for V-Day with our Red Velvet Pancake Mix? These pancakes have chocolate chips, and a cream cheese glaze. How about a no bake cake? Check out our Strawberry Fluff Graham Icebox Cake. Featuring real strawberry marshmallows. The layers include graham, strawberry fluff mixed with cream cheese, and of course it’s topped with strawberries, and whipped cream. Yum! And no oven needed. Or how about our Gourmet Red Velvet Cupcakes? This classic comes with a cream cheese frosting as well. The frosting is made with a vanilla bean cream cheese.

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But wait ….. there’s one more! One more item, and I will leave the flyer below. The last item is for my keto people. Try our Keto Red Velvet Cupcakes. Even the carb lovers will fall for these cupcakes. They have a cocoa-buttermilk flavor that will have you in love. They are Keto, and gluten free, and also sugar free. Low in carb, and made with coconut flour, and almond flour. It makes 12 cupcakes that are only 4g net carbs for each cupcake. Are you in love yet?

Valentine Special Flyer

Love yourself first they say… I say love God first, and everything will fall into place.

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