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Traditions For Kids

Not sure what it is about tradition. I guess it’s just like a habit. Your family does traditions, and then you teach your kids, and they teach their kids. It just goes on for generations in the family. And holidays are the times when tradition really sets in. Everyone has some type of family tradition. I remember a tradition in my family when I was a kid, was making caramel apples. We always did it in the fall. Usually right after Halloween, and right before Thanksgiving. Some years, we made them more than once. What are your family traditions? Will you teach your kids those traditions, or start some new ones?

Fall Apples

Apples remind me of fall. It’s amazing how the things you do, or take in as a kid stay with you your whole life. Like apples, as simple as the word is, or even a picture of an apple can bring me memories of fall, and making candy apples, also remembering exactly around what time of the year we made them. Yet, if I sit here and try to think of things from my childhood, not all memories come to me right away. But traditions definitely stay with us.

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November Kids Club

Ironic, that this months kids club is a Caramel And Candy Apple Kit. This kit comes with quite a bit of product. Here’s what you get… the caramel mix; the red candy apple mix, and it’s naturally colored; the wooden dowels; tons of fun toppings, so get creative; and an instruction sheet that’s easy to follow. Enough to make about 12-20 candy caramel apples with candy toppings to decorate. This is definitely a fun project for the kids. And can also be a good tradition to start.


God was one of my family traditions. My grandma made it tradition to get to know Him.

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