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Top Sellers Of The Month

Before I introduce some more of our November special products, I want to give you guys a review of the top sellers for October. It seems as if I was just telling my readers about the top sellers of September. Sheesh! That month went by fast. Time seemed to just fly this year. Maybe because I have kids. I remember the day they were born like yesterday, and now I have a young man in high school, a young lady in middle school, and 2 kids in elementary school. Boy, have they grown. My grandmother told me, when I was pregnant with my first child, to cherish when they are little because she said they grow up so fast, and you can’t get that time back. She was right! Let’s look at what sold the most while those days just flew by.

October Products They Couldn’t Get Enough Of…

I read that these are from our regular product line. The company didn’t want to include monthly specials, since they are only monthly specials, they are gone after that month. So, if you see monthly special on a product you like, or are interested in, you better grab it while you can. If you miss it, that’s okay too because there’s always some new one’s rolling out for next month. And here they are……

  • VIP Program is always a top seller I hear
  • Keto Matcha Ginseng Latte….. this goes with the keto diet line, and it looks interesting. It’s the first green latte I have ever seen.
  • Cheddar Garlic & Herb Quick Bread….. this is the first thing I tried, and it was good. Add some butter if you like.
  • Baked Spinach & Artichoke Dip Seasoning Blend…. this doubles as a seasoning blend, or made into a dip.
  • OMG’s…. I hear praise on these. Will have to try them. They look yummy.
  • Keto Ginger-mm-cookies….. another no-guilt keto product makes the list.
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Mojo Muffins by Crave It!…… I’m dying to try these.
  • Creamy Garlic Sauce Mix
  • Cider Donuts…. remember they are baked, not fried. Healthier than your local store, or donut shop.
  • Keto Pancakes & Waffles….. another keto product.
  • For The Love Of Garlic Seasoning Blend….. I love garlic!

    Who Knows What This Month Will Bring

    I still have more November specials to tell you about…..coming soon. I just ordered more products too, so I will have to snap some more pics for my blog. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and to follow my business page on Facebook, which can now be found at the bottom of my blog page. 

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    You are your biggest product!

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