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I’m loving my new page name…

It’s Halloween! I have just enough time for a blog post today. Before you know it, kids will be out of school, and asking “Is it time to go trick or treating yet? ” I feel like Halloween isn’t like it used to be. Not as many people like to give out candy, so my little one’s attended a Halloween party hosted by grandma, and already hit a few trunk or treats in the community. Now it’s the big day! But back to business… lol. I am liking my new business page name. It’s shorter, and easier to remember. The November catalog just rolled out from Do You Bake?/Crave It! We will save that for another post though. I wanted to show you what I ordered from the fall catalog.

See featured photo above

I was playing photographer with the first order I made ( pictured above ). My order included a fall catalog.

Here is the front and back of the catalog.

I chose the Chicken Tetrazzini Casserole.

Here is the casserole, and the box includes Tips 'N' Tricks for the recipe.

I purchased a Philly Cheesesteak Soup. Yeah, I know, sounds awesome right?

Here is the Philly Cheesesteak Soup, also with Tips 'N' Tricks.

And last was a Cheddar Garlic & Herb Quick Bread.

And here is the Cheddar Garlic & Herb Quick Bread.

Going, Going, Gone

Today is the last day of the month, and the last day to order any of our October specials. That would include special October products, Halloween products, the kids club product of the month, freezer meals of the month, and host special of the month. I’m already being introduced to products for the month of November, my birthday month, and I can’t wait to tell you about the new monthly products and specials.

I was thinking…

My mom mentioned possibly placing an order with me. You know mom’s, always wanting to help out in some way. And she made a comment as if she were confused about purchasing only dry mix ingredients, so I am going to tell you the same thing I explained to her. First off, it’s more than just the products. The whole company, both women and men alike ( yes! it’s for men too! ), are very supportive of each other. We are like one big family working together to reach our goals, pushing each other to try more, and do better. So, it’s an opportunity to meet great people who will support you. It’s also an opportunity to start your own business. And just the overall setting and feel of the company motivates you. I’m already doing better with this company, then I did when I sold Avon, and again, what made Avon so easy is that everyone already knew about the products. So, it’s also more fun to learn about new products, and a new company, and then getting to introduce it to other people who may not have heard of it.

Now the product line…

As far as the products go, it’s not just a bag of dry mix that you could buy from the grocery store. For starters, the company makes it in small batches, made by the company themselves, so it’s always fresh. Unlike the grocery store, where it may have been sitting on the shelves for months before being purchased. You can expect it to be fresh, always. Next, I have to dig into my thoughts from training on this one, but the whole point of both lines of the products is that it’s more healthy and nutritious. Most of their products are gluten free from what I have seen, so if you are on a gluten free diet there’s no concern there. Plus they take out all the additives that you would find in grocery store products. And any dyes, or other ingredients used in the products are all natural, or organic. And there are plenty of products that come with more than just the dry mix, but if they sent you the chicken to go with your Chicken Tetrazzini Casserole, for example, well then it’s not gonna be fresh now is it? It would have to make it through the shipping process, and we also ship as far as Canada.

Something I learned

I actually learned something inside of our company group during a group discussion. And here is where I can better explain the difference between us and grocery store items. There was a big discussion about labels on things in the grocery store. And some people in our group chose to post articles that backed up the discussion. There was more than one article, so I can’t get into all those details, but you can always research yourself. Here is what I learned….marketers, or say big brands who want their products to sell over other brands, slap labels on boxes that say gluten free, or no additives, organic and farm raised. The idea of it is strictly for marketing, meaning those products aren’t necessarily organic, or additive free. It’s a way of making their box stand out to get you to buy it. The difference with our company is it really is gluten free, it really is all natural ingredients, it really is a healthy choice of products. I noticed during training videos that the owner of the company really does all her research on these things to try to improve the product line. She really knows her stuff, and it shows. In a future post, I will show you how the quick bread turned out. Yum!

Loving the company, and loving what I do.

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