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I want to talk about the business side of Do You Bake?/Crave It! First off, I have tried a few direct sales businesses, and I know some of them make you cringe. You think… Oh, there’s no way to make money from direct sales, it’s a gimmick! But after some thought, I think that we Americans are just used to instant gratification. I used to look at direct sales like any normal job, like if I sign up it’s like getting paid like a normal job, but it’s not. You have to put the work in because you are starting a business, not a job. So that means, there will be times where you don’t make money because you have to constantly work at it. You have to build up your business, your business name, logo, and everything else that comes with starting a business.

The Company

Now if you noticed, this company is like double standards. Lol! It has two names, for two different product lines. Do You Bake? focuses on baking products, like mixes, spices, casseroles, and then there’s the kids club. Then you have Crave It! that focuses on health and nutrition, like keto, the memberships for the fitness program, and then you have the V.I.P. program with the healthy smoothies. Therefore, you could start a business that focuses on your love to bake, start a health and fitness business and promote healthy eating habits and fitness, or you can choose to do both. Especially now, that the two brands are pretty much combined together and they will be combining the products into one catalog for customers, instead of needing two separate catalogs for each brand.


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The Team

I can’t brag enough on how awesome the Do You Bake? team is. Now all direct sales companies leaders will tell you they are there for help if you need, and just reach out to them. And the thing that made this company stand out to me is everyone is so welcoming and they actually interact with you everyday if you need help. Even the owner of the company, Jenn Aube, she actually talks to us everyday. Not just through business posts, and emails, but we have regular training calls where we can actually ask questions and talk to her directly. Also in the company group for ambassadors, she actually takes the time to respond to individual comments when she can. And another great thing is it’s not like most direct sales companies where everyone is on a certain division, and you are trying to compete with other divisions to see who can get more sales. Instead, we all work together, help each other out, and support everyone in their business.

The Basics

You will get all the basics, and I don’t mean in products either. I mean you get your own replicated website for customers to shop from, and that way it links back to you for commission. You will get your own back office where you can keep tabs on your account info, place orders, links to products, see your upline in case you need to know their info, and lots of other info. You get access to the training website, which is a whole separate site with loads of info and training material. You get access to the private company page for ambassadors with very helpful people, and you will also get emails to keep you updated on what’s going on. You will also get an ambassador profile that comes with your training site, and the option to start a blog about your business. Pretty cool, huh?

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And The Contests…

There is all kind of contests offered to win products, or business supplies to help your business. I haven’t seen a lot of companies that offer for you to win something to help get you started. It’s usually like get that on your own, and we will offer an incentive for a car that you will never win because you need some ridiculous amount of sales. Instead, they offer big contests for something more realistic, like adding members to your business team, or a business supply pack, or smaller contests for a smaller reward, like a stack of personalized business cards to hand out to your customers, or even $10 off of party costs. And what makes it even better, since we don’t compete with other teams, is the teams also offer multiple contests that you can participate in to win prizes like the one’s I mentioned above, so you always have another chance to get rewards. Who doesn’t like free stuff?


Lastly, I told you guys I would let you know if I thought of a better business name, so consider this my P.S. So P.S…… I came up with a better business name for my Facebook page. It’s called Baking Crave with Brianna, so feel free to like my page, follow it, shop, sign-up, whatever you like. And drop an emoji if you like my business name! It took me forever to come up with it. Haha!

Keep working at it to get results!



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