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Do You Bake? offers a kids club. It’s also known as the Kids Cook N’ Bake Camp with Do You Bake? The idea of it is to explore, cook, bake, and have fun together with the kids. It’s the idea of doing things together with family. You can get the kids into good foods, educate them with nutrition, health, science, plus teach them valuable and necessary cooking and baking skills. And just have fun too! So today, they literally just released the October Kids Club. It’s now available!

spooky dinner kit

Spooky Dinner Kit

The October kit is called Spooky Dinner Kit, and it’s available through the end of the month. It’s Halloween inspired, and looks like fun. It’s a good project for your kids, or grandchildren to get them involved with making food in the kitchen, and to get creative for the holiday. The kit includes everything you need to create Jack-O-Lantern, and Zombie Brain Style Stuffed-Pepper Monsters. Looks like you’ll be carving peppers instead of pumpkins this year. Just Kidding! You can do both.

Spooky Kit Contents

Here’s what you get when you order the kit…

#1 Do You Bake? Sloppy Joes Mix: An easy skillet meal with a simple box mix. Only need a few ingredients, like the obvious ground beef.

#2 Special Pack Of Spaghetti: Special is code word for brains, because that’s what it kind of looks like hanging out of the peppers. Includes pack of “special” spaghetti.

#3 Spooky Black Rice: Includes spooky black rice packet to stuff peppers with. ( You can check it out on the bottom photo. )

#4 Carving Tools: Yup! It even includes the carving tools, which can be used for your bell peppers, and also to carve pumpkins with.

#5 Monster Stencil Sheet: Comes with a stencil sheet to make your monster faces.

And Lastly… An instruction guide with step by step on how to make these.

Kit makes 8-10 monster peppers, and after they are made they can be frozen too. ( Photo Below )

spooky kit contents

Spooky food makes spooky fun!

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