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Septembers Top Sellers!

Top Selling Items

I wanted to talk about the top selling items from Do You Bake? There were 12 items, that doesn’t include monthly specials, that were top selling items last month. I thought it would be a good review, so here they are….

Top Three

#1 is the Crave It VIP. So far this is a top seller every month. It’s a program through Crave It! The sister brand of Do You Bake? This is a monthly shipment of protein powder. I was actually reading the description on it last night, and you have the choice of choosing your own flavor of protein powder, or you can let the company choose random flavors for you. Pretty cool! White Chocolate Caramel Latte came in second. A box of 5 individual servings. A combo of espresso, and arabica coffee. And has real white chocolate. Third is Creamy Garlic Sauce Mix. A delicious mix with garlic to make a creamy sauce to pair with food.

Up Next!

Next few items. Keto Pancakes and Waffle Mix. This item is new this year. It has real fiber, real flax, real psyllium husk, and also no carbohydrates. Pumpkin Spice Latte, is another top seller always. Another latte that’s boxed with 5 grab & go servings. Another top selling item, For The Love Of Garlic. Not much to say there, except the company calls them FLOG groupies because they love this mix. Haha!


Moving Along…

Next was a limited time item that may no longer be available. It was a Lunchbox Lovers 3 Piece Set. A special edition product that included both of the popcorn mixes. Apple and spice or chocolate popcorn balls. And also the popular granola chews. Then we have the Beef Chilli Mac, a super seller for the colder months. A great combo for chilli lovers and mac n’ cheese lovers all in one. Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip and Seasoning Blend, a scoopable edition. Great for appetizers, or good on chicken.

And Our last Items

Keto Ginger-MM-Cookies, using real ingredients including fiber. No gums, which most mixes do use, and no sugar. Sweet! Gluten Free Banner Banana Bread, obviously a gluten free mix. I was looking at these last night and they look yummy. And last is the Ranch Party Mix. I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this one. Two batches per box, just add this mix, oil, and your favorite snack mix.

So There You Have It!

That was our top 12 sellers for the month of September. Items from both brands, Do You Bake?/Crave It! And just a reminder, remember my post for the chicken lovers? In the post I told you about those limited time bonus items you can get from ordering this months freezer meal. The bonus items were free prep trays and freezer bags. Today is the last day to get the bonus items for purchasing this freezer meal.

top seller 3

Be a top seller for yourself! No matter what you do.

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